Don`t Make Me Think revisited by Steve Krug - chapter one summary

UX DesignRupali Yadav16 May 20232 min read

As someone who has been working in front-end development for 6+ years, I understand the importance of creating user-friendly websites and products. There is no greater joy than delivering a website that users can easily navigate and enjoy ✨

In order to learn more about user experience, I decided to dive into this book called Don't Make Me Think by Steve Krug.

In this article, we are going to talk about the key take aways from the first chapter- Don't Make Me Think. So let's get started! 😎

In the opening chapter, aptly titled "Don't Make Me Think!" Krug lays the foundation for our exploration of UX principles✅ in a friendly and conversational tone that anyone would join in.

Simplicity is Key

  • The first major takeaway is that simplicity is the secret sauce behind a remarkable user experience. Keeping things simple and straightforward on a website helps users navigate effortlessly, thereby saves them time and effort.

Self-Evident Webpages

  • Creating self-evident webpages is a game-changer. He explains how creating layouts that are intuitive and visually appealing can help users grasp quickly the purpose and functionality of each element.

  • The goal is to make users say, "Wow, this makes sense!" Imagine a visitor to your website who has no prior knowledge of the topic saying this. It should be so simple that everybody can understand it right away.

Avoid Puzzles, make it user-friendly

Users enjoy puzzles in their place -- when they want to be entertained or diverted or challenged and not when they're trying to find out what time their dry cleaner closes

  • Avoid putting your users through puzzles. If your website requires users to go through complex steps to achieve something, you risk frustrating them and they may choose to abandon your site for a more user-friendly alternative.

  • Every effort should be to streamline processes, simplify decision-making, and minimize the effort required to complete tasks on your website thereby making it user-friendly.

Clear and Clickable Buttons

  • Lastly, Krug emphasizes the significance of making buttons instantly recognizable as clickable elements. Users should never have to question whether something is interactive or not.

Don't let the user spend even a millisecond whether it is clickable or not. By designing buttons that clearly look like buttons, we eliminate any doubt and ensure a seamless user experience. ⏰🚫


And there you have it! The first chapter of "Don't Make Me Think Revisited" has already left a lasting impression on me. It gives us a friendly reminder of the importance of simplicity, intuitive design, eliminate unneccessary puzzles and recognisable buttons to create exceptional user experiences. I will be writing more such articles on further chapters of this book, so stay tuned!😎

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