Difference between a state and prop in react | React interview question.

ReactRupali Yadav20 Sept 20221 min read

In this article we are going to see the difference between state and props in React. First let's see what are state and props individually.

props vs state in react | Rupali Yadav

# Props

Props are something that a component receives from where it is rendered (consider as arguments). In the example below we are rendering Header component and passing a prop title to it. It is same like calling Header component with an object

{title: 'Home'} // --------------- <> <Header title="Home" /> ... </>


A state can be considered as a local variable in the component that cannot be accessed outside of the component.

const [count, setCount] = useState(0);


  1. Both are responsible for what a component should render i.e. the app will rerender if a prop or state changes
  2. A state and prop both can be passed down as props to child components


  1. A state is both readable and writable but on the other hand a prop is read-only.
  2. The initial value for a state is set inside the component and for a prop we may set the default value inside the component where the prop is sent to.
  3. Props are usually used for rendering reusable components with static content and a state can change over time depending on various conditions/ user interactions.

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